10 Best Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

anniversary gifts for parents from kids

Having to give your parents a nice gift for their anniversary should not be a major challenge. However, you might want to creative if you want to stand out. Do not make the gift boring like any other gift you would give them for their anniversary. Today, we look at some of the best gift ideas you can get on the market that will suit your parents. Let us get to the list alread. 

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1. Personalized wood plaque 

We all love to appreciate our parents with some special messages. It can even be better if you make the message memorable by having it embossed in a wood plaque. Be creative with the words so that the gift feels personal and great. You can get various companies that can make this possible. Make sure that the wood plaque is also customized to look great with its finish and font used to write the message. 

2. Coffee Mugs

As much as your parents will always coffee mugs, it would be great if they have Mr. and Mrs. Coffee mugs from their kids. These are popular mugs right now that can be personalized to have the writings that you want. Always go for the ceramic mugs with a high quality finish to make it even better for durability. The mugs should also be dish-washer friendly to allow them to easily wash the mugs whenever they have to do so. 

3. Personalized artwork 

It always feels great when you step into the house and the first thing you notice is a personalized artwork for your parent’s anniversary. It just goes to show you put in a lot of thought in coming up with the gift. Pick an event special in their lives and create a great artwork around it. It could even be their wedding day or any other important day. Always go for quality artwork so that it pops out as a piece of attention whenever you enter the room. 

4. Wine glasses 

Wine glasses might just look simple, but they can also be a great idea for an anniversary gift. Get your parents a pair of wine glasses with a personalized touch. You can message such as “Super Dad” and “Best Mum” messages added to the wine glass. Play around with the colors of the messages and the font style too. The idea is to end up with a high quality glass that lasts for longer too. It should be also BPA free to avoid any health concerns. 

5. Couple figurine 

Choosing one of the best couple figurine makes the gift all worth it. Take the time to understand what your parents would love as a figurine before heading out to get one for them. It could be a bear couple figurine or any other that drives home the point that they were meant to be together. Get a figurine that is great in terms of quality for better durability. It should also not occupy too much space on the counter, but rather just enough to stand out. 

6. A memory jar 

This might also be just the perfect anniversary gift that your parents are expecting. A memory jar is simply a jar that comes with several black tickets where family members get to record some of their best memories as a family. Well, for this one, you can have your parents recording some of their memories as a couple. These tickets can then be viewed later on during family gathering. Depending on your desired design, it is possible to get as creative as possible to make your memory jar stand out. 

7. Pillowcases 

Pillowcases might seem like simple bedroom accessories, but they always go a long way to ensure you have a presentable room. Well, you can change all that by presenting your parents with some of the best pillowcases with personalized messages. These pillowcases can be as stylish as you want depending on the materials used to make them. There is no doubt you would also want to be comfortable to touch and feel. 

8. Statue molding kit 

Statue molding kits are now popular for couples to come up with some memorable statues in their home. Depending on the mold, your parents can create a statue of them holding hands. The process does not take long and it should come out as one of the most romantic activities ever. Your parents will have to simply dip their hands into the molding bucket and let mixture settle. Once it is dry, the statue will emerge as beautiful as ever. It is something they will always look at daily knowing it was one of their best moments. 

9. Flowering tea set 

It is possible to get all romantic with such a gift for your parent’s anniversary. The flowering tea set comes with all the essentials to having a great tea party. If your parents love to enjoy their time this way, then you will definitely make them happy. Such a tea set will have multiple flavors of tea to them to taste multiple varieties of tea. Always go for a set that gives you the best in terms of quality and design. 

10. Matching necklaces 

You can never go wrong when it comes to matching necklaces. They always seem to be the best thing you can give to any couple. The twin necklaces should have personalized messages for your parents. If you get it right, they are unlikely to ever forget wearing the necklaces thanks to the message. Another thing you have to look in such necklaces is that they should be hypoallergenic. They should still be resistant to rust, scratches, and do not fade easily. With many manufacturers available, you can always play around with the different necklace designs to find the best. 


One thing you always have to remember about anniversary gifts is that the thought that went into getting them matters a lot. They do not necessarily have to be expensive, but rather sentimental. We hope that the list above should give you an idea of what you can do to give your parents the best anniversary gift. 

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