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Big Potatoes (and Asking for Them)

In my last post (Small Potatoes) I calculated the total amount of money I’ve legitimately earned or saved thus far in 2015, not counting my paycheck from my actual job. And the grand total was…$779.25! For me, that’s like a month’s rent plus a couple weeks of groceries. Nothing to sneeze at.

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Small Potatoes (and How They Add Up)

So when it comes to adding money to your bank account, there are big potatoes and small potatoes. The paycheck from your full-time job, no matter how much you make, is big potatoes. The $20 bill you found on the ground and the $10 you made from selling an old coffee table on Craigslist are …

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Knowing is Better than Not Knowing

You know how sometimes when you see an email in your inbox that you know might contain scary and important information (medical test results, an acceptance/rejection letter, that sort of thing), your stomach drops, your heart starts pumping wildly…and instead of opening the email and reading it, you get up from the computer and go …

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Origin Story

Since this is my first post on the Yachtless, I thought I’d use it to explain how my money turnaround originally came about. The Myth of the Yacht explains a little about the way that I thought about money during and immediately after college — specifically, I didn’t really think about it much. My perspective evolved a little over the years, …