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The Mysterious Case of the Poorly-Defined “Living Expenses”

Okay everyone, today is the day that I disclose something about my debt that I don’t usually talk about. And the reason I don’t usually talk about it is because…well, to be honest, I only fully came to terms with it this week. It’s a tough and somewhat embarrassing topic for me, but I also …

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October Challenge: Travel Edition!

Welcome to the travel edition of the October Challenge! During this past week—the third week of the challenge—I flew to Arizona for a three-day conference, which meant that not buying restaurant food suddenly became a lot more challenging than it had been for the first two weeks of the challenge. I leave it to you, …

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The Great Yoga Calculation

Ok, folks, this has been a long time coming. I’ve changed a lot of my spending and saving behavior over the past ten months or so since I had my *Aha!* moment of finally becoming financially conscious. I’ve started tracking my spending religiously, contributing to my Roth IRA each month as well as to my Betterment …

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October Challenge: Week Two Completed!

I’m proud to announce that I’m halfway through my October Challenge to not buy any restaurant food or takeout, and so far so good! Here’s a rundown of what I did for dinners and weekend meals this past week, as these are the times I would typically resort to takeout:

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October Challenge: Week One Completed!

Ok, so the first week of my October Challenge to purchase zero restaurant food or takeout is behind me, and I’m happy to report that I’m on track! I’ve definitely had to do a lot more meal-planning than usual, but so far I’ve been able to make everything work without too much trouble. As I mentioned in …

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October Challenge!

So, my big news is that I’m already beginning the third day of my October challenge, which is (drumroll, please……) NO EATING AT RESTAURANTS and NO EATING TAKEOUT. Now, I realize that you may be saying, um, that’s not too challenging. And I totally get that—perhaps you are someone who already rarely, or never, eats out. But please …

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Big Potatoes (and Asking for Them)

In my last post (Small Potatoes) I calculated the total amount of money I’ve legitimately earned or saved thus far in 2015, not counting my paycheck from my actual job. And the grand total was…$779.25! For me, that’s like a month’s rent plus a couple weeks of groceries. Nothing to sneeze at.

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Small Potatoes (and How They Add Up)

So when it comes to adding money to your bank account, there are big potatoes and small potatoes. The paycheck from your full-time job, no matter how much you make, is big potatoes. The $20 bill you found on the ground and the $10 you made from selling an old coffee table on Craigslist are …