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Notes from the Bus

Notes from the Bus-2

If you read my post No Car No Car No Car No Car from a few weeks ago, you may recall that I, well, have no car. You might also remember that my full-time job involves frequent within-town travel, which means that I rely heavily on public transportation to get from place to place throughout my day.

Our public transportation system in Boston is called the “T”, and it consists of both buses and subways. For various reasons, however, I tend to spend more time on the bus than on the subway while traveling around for work. Honestly I think I probably spend more time on the bus than pretty much anyone except bus drivers.

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Widening the Circle

Widening the Circle-2

Were you one of those people who spent a lot of time in chat rooms in the 90s? I definitely wasn’t. Partly because I wasn’t allowed to (remember all those warnings about how dangerous chat rooms were?), but also because I simply couldn’t understand the appeal of using a keyboard to communicate with someone I’d never met in real life.

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Liebster Award

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Today I’m honored to report that The Yachtless has been nominated for a Liebster Award! The purpose of this award is to recognize and support newer blogs, and the nomination comes from Jennifer at Simply + Fiercely, a lovely, inspiring blog about traveling, living simply, and loving life. I definitely recommend checking it out – among other things, she offers some amazing tips for finding cheap airfares. Thanks, Jennifer, for thinking of The Yachtless!

As part of the nomination, Jennifer posed 11 questions for me to answer. Here they are, with my answers:

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