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Choosing Wisely-3

Last weekend I decided it was finally time to go shopping for a pair of walking shoes. I’d been alternating between rain boots and regular boots for the past five months, but now the weather is getting a bit warmer, and there are days when wearing boots feels weird and constrictive. And my go-to walking shoes—a pair of Converse that I’d been wearing for six years straight—were literally falling apart. While I don’t have to dress up for work, I do need to look presentable, and that probably means no falling-apart shoes.

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As I mentioned last week, I’m starting a new job in a couple weeks. And this means that I have a lot more clarity on certain topics than I did a month ago. I know where I’m going to be working, I know what my salary will be, and I know when and where I’m supposed to show up on my first day.

But there are a lot of details that I don’t know yet, and I’m feeling very impatient about finding them out. If you could put a magical microphone up to my brain and listen in on my thoughts for a few moments, they would sound something like this (imagine me talking reallyreallyfast):

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October Challenge: Complete!

October Challenge_ Complete-4

If my sources are correct, it is now November, which means that my October Challenge to purchase zero restaurant food or takeout is officially over.

Rather than going through each day individually (since it occurred to me that maybe it is a bit of a leap to assume that just because you are reading my blog, you care what I had for dinner last Wednesday?), I will just offer a few brief highlights:

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October Challenge: Week One Completed!

Week One!

Ok, so the first week of my October Challenge to purchase zero restaurant food or takeout is behind me, and I’m happy to report that I’m on track! I’ve definitely had to do a lot more meal-planning than usual, but so far I’ve been able to make everything work without too much trouble.

As I mentioned in the initial October Challenge post, I always eat breakfast at home anyway. I’m a little obsessive about having the same thing for breakfast every day, because I invented this breakfast a long time ago and I love it so much.

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October Challenge!

October Challenge!

So, my big news is that I’m already beginning the third day of my October challenge, which is (drumroll, please……) NO EATING AT RESTAURANTS and NO EATING TAKEOUT.

Now, I realize that you may be saying, um, that’s not too challenging. And I totally get that—perhaps you are someone who already rarely, or never, eats out. But please understand that for me, this is going to be a big change and require a lot of extra planning that I don’t normally do.

My normal routine is:

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Origin Story

Since this is my first post on the Yachtless, I thought I’d use it to explain how my money turnaround originally came about. The Myth of the Yacht explains a little about the way that I thought about money during and immediately after college — specifically, I didn’t really think about it much. My perspective evolved a little over the years, mostly in regards to my student debt, but the most important catalyst for change appeared in December 2014.

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