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Going to Work


I wrote a post last month called Pick One, in which I talked about how hard I felt it was to prioritize the following three goals:

  1. Paying off my student loans and growing my net worth
  2. Living a full and fun life
  3. Contributing to my community

Last month feels like a really, really long time ago.

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Towards Zero


Fun fact: Towards Zero is actually the title of one of my favorite Agatha Christie books. But it also works as the title of this October updates post.

So here they are: the numbers for October! Including one number that I haven’t ever shared before (Oooooh, the suspense!).

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So, summer is over.

Okay, I know summer isn’t technically over for another few weeks (and not until, oh, 2017 if you live in the Southern Hemisphere). But it is the first day of September. And so I’m taking some time to think back over my summer, and the choices I made during it, and what I learned from them.

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A Mini-Goal Achieved

A Goal Achieved

Hello, friends!

Long time no post, eh? June was a bit of a rough month for me: nothing terrible, but my job suddenly got more demanding/stressful than it had been previously, and I also managed to catch some sort of virus that hung around in my system for three weeks (or possibly two separate viruses back-to-back?), so I spent much of the month exhausted, coughing, and buried in work.

However, I did hit a goal.

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Possibility C

Possibility C

One of the interesting (and/or awkward?) things about blogging is that it does a pretty good job of capturing ups and downs from week to week. And when I wrote last week’s post, I happened to be feeling fairly “down” about the current state of my finances. To review, here is my situation:

  • I owe about $51,600 in student loan debt.
  • I am 35.
  • I don’t have a ton saved for retirement and am not in a career with a crazy high earning potential.

There’s not a lot I can do to drastically change the reality of these facts right now. I can’t go back to my 20s and make different decisions. I can’t apply for jobs in engineering or hedge fund management and expect to be taken seriously (also, what is hedge fund management?). And while I have bought two—count ‘em, two!—Powerball tickets in the past 12 months, I’m disappointed to report that neither one turned out to be a big winner. I suppose I could rob a bank and/or flee the country, but somehow those don’t strike me as realistic options.

The facts, in other words, are pretty much the facts. At this moment in time I owe a certain amount in student loans. I have a certain amount saved for retirement. I am a certain age. And so on.

But here’s the thing:

The facts aren’t the whole story.

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