Month: November 2015


21st Century Gifts from the Universe

When talking about financial choices and financial philosophies, narrative is key. Most people who are thinking consciously about money have a story that ties the different phases of their life together and helps them understand their financial journey thus far. I have a story like this. Perhaps you do too.


Spend it or Lose it

Typically the financial choices we make at different times in our lives all impact one another in a pretty obvious way. In other words, my net worth at this moment is largely a culmination of past choices I’ve made about spending and saving and borrowing and investing. That’s kind of the underlying principle of personal finance, right? I …

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On Books and Gender and Money

Do you ever wonder about the impact that your childhood reading material had on your financial choices as an adult? Nope? Just me? Oh. Okay, no problem. But stay with me anyway, because I think this could be an important topic and I definitely want to know what you think. As someone who has only recently started to …

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October Challenge: Complete!

If my sources are correct, it is now November, which means that my October Challenge to purchase zero restaurant food or takeout is officially over. Rather than going through each day individually (since it occurred to me that maybe it is a bit of a leap to assume that just because you are reading my blog, …